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If you've been following my daily blog posts, you may have noticed that I haven't posted over the past couple of days, even though I wanted to.

Last week was the start of my first week of the Fall semester of my graduate communications program, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel a bit anxious about simultaneously taking classes and working full-time. Not that there is any reason to be anxious-- I've done this before...

In fact, I worked from the Daily Wire office three times a week while in undergrad, even though I was also a full-time student.Those were science courses, so they were way more intense. And my last semester as a working student was during the summer, so the classes were more compact. And, one of my classes interfered with my work schedule so I had to bounce back and forth every week.

But it really wasn't so bad. In fact, it felt nice to have variety in my to-do-list. I was taking two classes. Plus, I need to be busy in order to not feel useless sometimes. This semester, I'm taking just two laid-back comms classes, one online and one on weekends. I'm also taking an online ecommerce course, but that one doesn't have a deadline.

So, why am I suddenly feeling so anxious? Last night, I came home with tremors and a fever, and began to realize how much the anxiety was getting to me.

Well, part of the anxiety may actually have nothing to do with school or work, and everything to do with the fact that I went out drinking with friends more than once this week. The drinking throws everything off balance, and makes me feel stressed out for no reason.

Alcohol is such an unnecessary part of student-work life. It is expensive, bad for your health, doesn't allow you to connect with people organically, is time-consuming, and in my case, causes a mind imbalance that can last for days. If I can make one modification to my schedule that can enhance my life and productivity as a working student, it would be cutting out drinks.

So, there it is. My New Years resolution. No more partying during the week. I'm still feeling sick, so I'm going to return to my bed now. Hopefully my next post will make more sense. Buh-bye Felicia.

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